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PT Binamandiri Mulia Jaya

There are so many available job positions, like the hospitality.

Hopefully we can take advantage on this opportunity with Binamandiri. We hope we can take 150 people from Indonesia.

Tóth Tihamér Tamás

CEO Therma Hotel

Hoping to build a long term relationship with Binamandiri and hoping Indonesian workers to get chance to come to Australia

Paul Trennery

FIP Group Australia

Memilih secara resmi melalui perusahaan yang baik, seperti Binamandiri, itu menjadi pilihan yang tepat.

Benny Ramdhani

Kepala BP2MI

Our Journey

Timeline of Binamandiri Muliaraharja


PT Binamandiri Mulia Jaya obtains MLS Certificates eligible for Manning and Offshore Recruitment


PT Binamandiri Mulia Jaya obtains license as Indonesian Recruitment Company on 10 August 2022 and receive ISO 9001:2008


Binamandiri establishes PT Binamandiri Mulia Jaya on 28 November 2021 as Indonesian Recruitment Company to comply with Act 18/2017


Binamandiri is a pioneer Indonesian Recruitment Company that penetrated Poland Market.


Binamandari was awarded for 3 years Recruitment Vendor for Oman Refinery and Petrochemical Company (ORPIC).


Binamandari was awarded as Recruitment Vendor under OSSC for Kuwait Oil Company and its Subsidize Companies include KNPC.


Receive ISO 9001:2008 Certificate and became the First Indonesian Recruitment Company with ISO Certificate


Indonesian presiden, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono awarded Binamandiri as most professional companywith professional training centre.


Awarded by President Megawati as Nation’s Best Placement Company


Binamandiri is one out of two Companies in East Java whom was not revoked and become holding from 15 other Recruitment Companies


Binamandiri received its First License as Recruitment Company outside Indonesia Capital Center, and Pioneering the placement to Hong Kong


Establishment the 1st Training Center in Indonesia for Indonesian Workers Overseas

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Our best specialists give their best services in every field/division/sector we have.


Binamandiri has an official manpower license and registered in the government system of Indonesia.


Binamandiri has been becoming a leader in the work placement industry for over 37 years in Indonesia.


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